Monday, August 16, 2010

The Terror Babies are Coming!!!

It has been a hot summer in this year. Frankly, I have not been this miserable about the weather in a long time. It seems like the hot weather is bringing out more than just mosquitoes. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex) is been up to his old tricks again. It seems the good congressman has figured out the latest plot that is being employed to destroy our country. It seems he has uncovered a plot by Middle Eastern women to give birth to their babies in the United States for the purpose of sending them back to this country to blow us up in 20 to 25 years.

Anderson Cooper proved he was real professional by keeping his cool during the rant filled interview. Rep. Gohmert never once attempted to provide any proof of the alleged plot by Middle Eastern women to have babies here for the purpose of sending them back in 20 or 25 years to blow us up. Anderson Cooper previously interviewed Tom Fuentes, who served as the FBI's assistant director in the office of international operations from 2004 to 2008. Fuentes explained that the crazy theory has no basis in reality, and there's simply never been any evidence that terrorists are pursuing such a strategy. He explains that the terrorists have no need to do this because there is no shortage of recruits that they can find.

This terror theory started receiving national attention when Rep. Gohmert was on Fox News and told his story of a conversation he had with a woman on a flight.

BOLLING: We’re actually experiencing situations where dangerous countries al Qaeda will send a pregnant woman over here, have a baby, and then start to train these babies to be terrorists, is that right?

GOHMERT: Well, Eric, it’s not just a theory. It first came to my attention. Some of us were traveling to the Middle East last August, a year ago. And a lady on the plane was telling one of our group that they were about to have their second granddaughter. Her husband was with Hamas, her grand — I’m sorry her son-in-law was with Hamas. And that they were going to do with the second as they did with the first grandchild. Daughter is going to come to America right before it’s born on a tourist visa. Have the baby. They just like the option of having American citizens in the family. [...]

We’re bringing them over here on tourist visas, some illegally, letting them be born here and saying this is an American citizen. So come back in 20, 25 years when you’re ready to blow us up.

This of course led to his claim that this is a reason why the 14th Amendment needs to be modified. Rep. Gohmert believes a law should be passed that people that come here on visas should not be subject to the jurisdiction of the United States Government. In others wordsour laws should not apply to foreigners. Great idea congressman.

Rep. Gohmert did also state (yelled really) in the Anderson Cooper interview that a former FBI agent also confirmed his belief in the "baby terror" plot. But refused to give any name to back his story up. The one shred of evidence he provided was a Washington Post article that described birth tourism, but as Cooper stated the article did not in any way describe the situation that the congressman detailed.

This is just another of example of the problem facing the nation. Politicians that rather invent stories of nonexistent threats than deal with the real issues that are facing our nation. He is apparently not the only one spreading this same false rumor. Texas State Senator Debbie Riddle also repeated the same "terror baby" plot and had just as much evidence as Rep. Gohmert.

It is going to be a LONG two years if the voters elect more Riddle and Gohmert politicians in office come November.